My Dorset Mind

Few things benefit our wellbeing more than being outdoors, and few places are as beautiful as Dorset.

So, until we can all be there again, Dorset Mind wants to bring our incredible landscapes to you.

Simply choose a view, the sounds you’d like to hear – and enjoy relaxing mindful techniques that will help you escape to your favourite part of the county.

  • Corfe Castle

    1 of 9

    Corfe Castle

  • Boscombe Pier

    2 of 9

    Boscombe Pier

  • Old Harry Rocks

    3 of 9

    Old Harry Rocks

  • Field

    4 of 9

    Slepe Heath near Wareham

  • Fontmell Hill

    5 of 9

    Fontmell Hill

  • Rainy River

    6 of 9

    River Avon

  • Sturminster Bridge

    7 of 9

    Sturminster Marshall Bridge

  • Weymouth Harbour

    8 of 9

    Weymouth Harbour

  • Knowlton Church

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    Knowlton Church

  • Green

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    Piano Melody

  • Yellow

    2 of 8

    Hopeful Strings

  • Blue

    3 of 8

    Ambient Synths

  • Yellow

    4 of 8

    Echoing Flute

  • 5 of 8

    Peaceful Hip-Hop

  • 6 of 8

    Playful Chimes

  • Blue

    7 of 8

    Soft Strings

  • Grey

    8 of 8

    No Music

  • Choose your scenery

  • Choose your sound

  • Enjoy a mindful, relaxing experience

  • Share with someone

Looking for support with your mental health?

Dorset Mind is a mental health charity providing a range of support options for people and communities in Dorset. Our support is focused on early intervention and prevention, and our mission is to educate local communities about the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and support people to identify and develop coping skills, whilst help them on their journey towards recovery.

Our services include support groups, befriending, mentoring and counselling for adults and young people. We also support employers and employees in their workplace; and offer volunteering opportunities.

We believe that no-one should face a mental health problem without support and respect.

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